Presenting the Diana Issue

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Diana. Goddess of the moon. Of the forest. Of the hunt. Keeper of mysteries. Solitary woodland wanderer. Guardian of women. Artemis.

In this figure, we find a union of nature and the multifaceted feminine. Diana is a huntress, but she is also beloved of the forest. She lives in balance with the world around her. She is able to take what she needs without destroying the whole. In this aspect, Diana’s forest is a harmony that does not mute the individual, but makes space for all our voices. In a time marked by environmental devastation, human domination, masculine violence, xenophobia, white supremacy, homophobia, and a fear of anything deemed “other,” we need this vision of Diana’s forest more than ever.

As a journal run by women, we have been horrified, but, in many ways, unsurprised, by the events of this past year. At times, we have been rendered speechless by what we see our country and our world becoming. But, often, we have found renewed urgency, renewed power, in words. Our literary moment is responding to our historical one with a vital multiplicity of voices and visions. Reading the work featured in journals and presses and readings around the country this year, hearing so many voices rise up with their words, gives us hope, even in this perilous moment, for our future.