And The Nominees Are…

It’s Best of the Net nominations time! We sorted through all the beautiful poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction we’ve been fortunate to be able to publish over the past year and are happy to share this list of nominees from Sun Star:

  • Cameron L. Mitchell “Big Cat Head”
  • Elizabeth Reinhard “Bread, Eggs, Milk”
Creative Nonfiction
  • Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell “Redictionary”
  • Anna Sandy “Storm Shelters” 
  • Gayane Mariam Haroutyunyan “Please” 
  • Lana Bella “January 10, 2001” 
  • Emily Hunderwadel “Wolves in the Treeline, If You Squint”
Congratulations to all the Sun Star nominees and we wish you all the best of luck!