Presenting: Sun Star Review #3

ss_w17_cover1-4-daniel1-ghosts-finalIt’s a new year. The holidays are over, the world is cold and barren, the falcon is growing just a bit hard of hearing, and the center is entertaining inchoate doubts as to its ability to hold. Sounds like the perfect time for new Sun Star!

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to our authors for the privilege of publishing their work, and to everyone who overwhelmed our inbox with wonderful work and made the final cut so difficult. We’re humbled and grateful for all our┬ádiverse contributors, and it means so much to us to be able to publish so much work that represents and touches on issues near and dear to our hearts. In every (general) issue, there is a moment, usually just before publication in that last frantic blizzard of word breaks and em dashes, when the project finally takes full shape before your eyes. The threads that you’ve been weaving pull together, and what had been a plan and a feeling becomes a real object staring up at you from your desktop. I must say, in the transition from writer to editor, those moments, the┬árealized conversation and collaborative creation, are among the very best.

We hope you enjoy. Again, we cannot offer sufficient thanks to our authors, our submitters, our assistant editors, and everyone else who makes this project possible!

Happy reading!