We’re so grateful for all the wonderful submissions we’ve received already. Waking up the morning after going public to new literature in our inbox was so fun. Thanks so much to all our submitters! But… your humble editors also have to admit to a bit of personal greed when it comes to lit–no matter how much great stuff we manage to horde, we’re always hungry for more. If you’ve something to contribute, we want to see it!


We plan to make our youtube channel an integral part of the Sun Star Review platform. In the future, we will be uploading a wide array of videos: live readings; produced videos featuring the work of editors, contributors and submitters, friends, and favorites from the public domain; and whatever else tickles our fancy with at least some nominal relation to literature and writing. In this vein, for our first video, we thought it appropriate to share one of our favorite literary introductions. Thanks for watching.

Going public

We’re excited to see the structure of this project take shape. Today was momentous for a few reasons: we were finally able to take our submissions live, we had our Duotrope listing approved and posted, and we loaded our introduction video on youtube! All told, it seems that today was our true public launch. Looking ahead, we are eager to get out and promote the project, send out submission calls, and above all to read some great work.